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"This program is excellent! It really forces you to think on your toes... It is helping me get back on the writing track." -L.

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Important message, added February 2006 : This software is no longer being updated or supported by me. I created the first version back in 2002 and it has grown quite a lot since then. Thousands of people have downloaded WriteThis and many have expressed their happiness with the ultility. However, I am no longer in a position, where I can update the software. Perhaps some day, I will launch a new version of it, since I have many more ideas on how to improve it, but there are no active plans. A big thank you to all who have shown their support and especially those who donated to keep the software online.

This is the home of WriteThis, a small free utility for writers. The tool generates writing exercises, based on a set of keywords and criteria. It can generate characters, locations, items and special rules, and you – the writer – have a specified number of minutes to combine these things into a story.

The tool was created because I, Rasmus Rasmussen, needed something like it for myself. As a writer, I often feel that small exercises can help me get started or inspire me, because I am forced to think creatively within a limited structure. You probably can't write a novel using WriteThis, but use it to keep writer's block at bay or maybe even get a few new ideas.

WriteThis can generate more than 25 million different exercises and with each new version, even more are added. The current version is WriteThis 2.0 BETA, featuring some powerful new features — such as addition of custom exercises!

It is no longer possible to sign up for newsletters. If you would like to drop me a comment about WriteThis, feel free to send an e-mail to writethis [at] theprint [dot] dk.

WriteThis in action

Below is a few examples of what can come out of using WriteThis. Each of the following exercises are accompanied by a short description of the exercise given, as well as a link to the author's site (if applicable). All exercises are used with permission from the original authors, who also mantain copyright.

I am no longer accepting new submissions to the list of examples.

The Final Joke
Bittersweet Memories
No Title
Cafe War Flashback
Sam the Stupid

Download WriteThis

From here you can download the latest version of the program, as well as older versions (pc/Win only). Please take the time to read the license before downloading.


WriteThis is completely free. You may install and use it as much as you like, with the exception of distribution and/or selling where you or any third party, other than the author of this program, stands to make money. This includes uploading it to servers that require users to subscribe and similar services.

By downloading and/or installing this program, you automatically indicate, that you understand and agree with the terms presented in this license.

Download WriteThis 2.0 (originally only released as a beta-version, though very few have reported stability problems).

The last release of the WriteThis 1 series (1.33) is available here (stable but with fewer features and exercises).

Installing WriteThis

To install WriteThis you must first unzip the installation files on your pc. Next, run the setup file and you should be good to go. After installation is complete, you are free to delete the installation files. To uninstall, go to the Control Panel > Add/remove progams, find WriteThis on the list and click uninstall.